Lady Indigo's Wishlist

Height: 165cm/5'5"

Weight: 63.5kg/140lb

Shirt: S/XS     2 - 4US     4-6UK

Bra:  32 B US

Panty: S/XS    4US    6UK

Dress: S/XS    4US    6UK

Skirt/Pants:S/XS    4US    6UK

Shoe: 8.5-9 US    6.5UK    39EURO

Creating a wishlist felt pretty awkward at first until I realized what purpose I intended mine to have. I have written this section not as a way to ask for presents, but more as a chance for you to get a sense who I am through a collection of things that are important or interesting to me.  Some of the listed items will tell you a good bit about me weak spots too (it's no secret: I hate to cook!!) 

That said if you are feeling the urge to spoil me, please do! Receiving a thoughtful gift of any sort makes me feel as special as I hope I am able to make you feel in our sessions.  It's so nice to feel that the care put into our emails and time together is appreciated enough to have you go out of your way.  

For those who are fulfilled by giving large gifts or who want to express their ongoing worship in the form of financial support of a dominant yet compassionate woman such as myself, please email me first so that we can discuss findom and how I practice that ethically. 

Amuse Me

Keep me busy, smiling and inspired even when the session is over

Pamper Me

Thoughtful gifts to take care of me and brighten my everyday 

Spoil Me

Indulge my fondness for quality goods and unique experiences with these luxurious ideas 

Shock Me!

Fulfill one of my dreams with a gift beyond all expectations and fill my mind with delighted thoughts of you