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Soft Procrastination: The second challenge of DommeBlog™️

I am still working on the ins and outs of blogging. Overcoming the things that prevented me from starting (which I discuss in my first post) was apparently just the first challenge. The current dilemma is starting each new entry; I have many ideas, I get excited to write those ideas and then I sit down and get distracted doing something else on my computer, or the words won’t flow or I try to pick up a piece where I left off only to end up editing what I’ve already done instead. This phenomenon isn’t a surprise to me and I am happy to say that despite this I am doing pretty well at consistently showing up to share my words with you.

I am considerably less mello about procrastination than this Domme Turtle

This isn’t the only area of my life where I see this pattern, but I am curious to hear about how others experience this soft procrastination. What parts of your life do you get excited about but kinda end up not doing?

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