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Lady Indigo

The role of Professional Domme is best summed up as an enthusiastic fantasy enabler and Lady Indigo exemplifies this by spinning your fantasies and lusts into pathways so that together she may take you into the depths of your hidden dreams.

Her transformative ability allows her to be sex itself in leather or latex one hour and a soft, nurturing pin-up momma the next. Her sadistic side is keen to torment those who wish to submit to her devious tortures with needles, electricity and so much more while the Lady's haughty side will put you on the ground to cushion her slim feet. The sensualist wants to touch tools to skin in ways both sweet and spicy while the rigger has planned how to tie you down for such delights. The devious Dr. Indigo awaits your whimpers from her next procedure while the stern taskmistress is snapping with impatience for your next assignment. Which one will come out to strut in your hidden dreams?

But whatever role she may wear, the only way for you to experience the freedom of the reverie is under Lady Indigo's domination. Her interest in your inner desires does not mean you will be permitted to tell her what to do, she will be firmly in charge. Everything you divulge to Lady Indigo is simply adding fuel to the fire and allows her to compose the tempo and harmonies of our incredible time together.

How can a woman hold so many contradictory elements?  Because you do, all of her sweet, succulent worshipers. This very grown up game called BDSM is an exchange, you give Lady Indigo the seeds of your imaginings and she feeds them with her ever ebullient imagination so that she may create a fecund landscape through which to lead your mind and body.  Everyone she spends time with is unique and valuable in this uniqueness, which is why ability to communicate needs and desires clearly is a must and discussions of limits and boundaries will happen openly. Lady Indigo practices RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) which means that the potential risks known to be associated with any activity will be made clear prior to participating in them so that your decisions are made in an informed fashion. 


With her 11 years experience in the world of kink, her delightfully open mind and her attitude of non-judgement Lady Indigo is waiting for you to come intrigue her. Don't be shy if you are new and nervous! You will feel safe and supported with Lady Indigo as you take those first thrilling steps.


Lady Indigo plays with all body types and gender identities.


Sessions with Lady Indigo will start and end with a short check in as equals.


Hard Limits: NO sex, NO illegal activity, NO forced intoxication, NO permanent injury


Lady Indigo will graciously consider any request without judgement, provided it is not on her hard limits list. Consideration is not a guarantee, but a state of open minded evaluation.

Specialties: Kinbaku/Shibari, Electro Play, Adult Baby

Likes: Humour, Open Communication and a Sense of Adventure

Dislikes: Smokers, Poor Grammar and Topping from the Bottom. 

I comport myself with
the utmost discretion
 and ask you to do the same.