Lady Eve

Lady Eve will be your deepest fantasy come true. While her sensuous smile teases your mind, her creative spirit will find many ways to torment your body in the most delicious ways. This Goddess is a master of sensual domination and longs to teach her accepted supplicants how to worship properly and how to submit to her hand. Don’t let her divine benevolence fool you though. Her sadistic side will have you pinned, vulnerable and begging for mercy. Novices and advanced BDSM practitioners alike are welcome and couples looking for tantric BDSM coaching need look no further!

Lady Eve’s tastes and interests are vast and will entertain a session with anyone who presents themselves in a respectful manner with clear communication skills. Having experienced both sides of the D/s dynamic in many formats and been the host of several BDSM parties since 2012, as well as having worked as a FemDomme in previous years, she is thrilled to help you explore and express your sexuality in a safe, sane and consensual space. Almost all forms of play can be negotiated, including but not limited to impact (deep and superficial), wax and knife, bastinado, medical, scat, bondage, water play, humiliation, role play, slavery, cuckolding, wet & messy, giantess fantasies, and tease & denial.

Hard Limits: Race play, Sex, Any illegal activity, Forced intoxication, Permanent injury.


Specialties: Wax & Knife Play, CBT, Flogging, and Goddess Worship.

Likes: Open-mindedness, intellectual discussion, joie de vivre.

Dislikes: Cigarette smoke, poor communication, people not being accountable for events in their life.


Discretion and confidentiality are very important to Lady Eve. Please acknowledge your role in this by following suit.