Frequently Asked Questions

... We're sure you have a few.

**Due to Covid-19 restrictions and the Health Authority's guidelines around social distancing, the Ladies have had to alter how they operate. As such, they are generally unable to host but may be able to still organize play sessions. They are taking a waitlist for in-person sessions, and are happy to facilitate online domination sessions anytime. Feel free to          for more information.

1. Will you provide sex?

No. Don't even ask. There may be sexual tension or teasing, but definitely not sex. 

2. Are you available in an hour? Tonight? Tomorrow?

While we are happy to accommodate you as quickly as possible some times, within 48hrs is a rarity, not something to be expected. Most sessions are booked a week or two in advance and are dependant on the availability of the Lady you wish to see. Much like you, the lovely Dominas have busy lives so scheduling a time that works for both parties is a must. Good things come to those who wait!

As part of our security procedures new clients are required to meet in a vanilla setting, such as a coffee shop, before being given an appointment for a session. A $50 deposit will be expected at this meeting against no shows and will be put towards your first session. We also require a risk profile assessment which can be done at this time, see FAQ#6 for more details.


3. How should I prepare myself for a session with a Domme?

As if you are going on a date - be groomed and clean. 

4. What if I'm a little nervous? What do I do with my hands?!

That just means you're excited! We will lead the way on how to act and will give you direction in no time.  And don't worry, your hands will be the least of your concerns once we get started. 

5. What can I expect from a session with one of these illustrious Ladies?

Every session is different, but the mainstays will be a brief check-in beforehand, warm up, the juiciness of serving your Domina, and then cool down and aftercare unless otherwise negotiated prior to. The majority of negotiations are generally done via email or at the meet and greet. 

6. What is the risk profile assessment all about?

Exactly what it sounds like - a time set aside with one of our Pro-Dommes outside of play to take an honest look at what level of risk and forms of play you and she are comfortable sharing. It is also the perfect time to disclose any health issues, past or present, that need to be taken into account and to ask questions of your own.  Like intense sports, BDSM activities can elevate your heart rate, leave you with bumps and bruises (should you so desire) and potentially exhaust you physically and mentally. Going through a risk assessment with our lovely Ladies makes ​it possible for her to understand your boundaries, state her own and helps ensure a fantastic experience is had by all!

7. Should I bring gifts? If so, what should I bring?

Gifts before or after a session are always welcome but never expected, though they are a great way to get your Mistress in a fantastic mood! It doesn't have to be expensive and flashy to be meaningful, a sincere note or bouquet of flowers are wonderful options for the budget-conscious.  If you need some inspiration just check out your desired Lady's wishlist, and always remember to include a gift receipt for ease of adjusting sizes or colours. Food, beverages and perfumes can be very tricky so we advise against that unless you know your Lady's tastes. 

7. Can I be seeing multiple Dommes at once?

Of course! We are not going to guard you jealously like a dragon.  It's alright to have varied tastes and we won't hold it against you.  This is a relationship - sometimes you just don't mesh with someone or you're not in the mood for a particular person's domination style. Unless you have a contract with a single Domme that you will only see them, we are happy to see you as well. And if you want to see all of us at the same time just ask! We would be happy to arrange that for you *devilish smirk*.

9. What if I don't know what I want to explore? 

That's part of our job - we help you discover what BDSM practices you enjoy and what practices you reeeally enjoy. 

10. What is BDSM? Am I weird for wanting to partake in it?

BDSM (Bondage Discipline Sadism Machochism) is a variety of often erotic practices or roleplaying that involves bondage, discipline, domination/submission, sadism and masochism. It requires a person(s) (us) to take on a dominant role  and  another person(s) (you) to take on a submissive role. It's a whole hell of a lot of fun and more, sometimes it can be messy or weird or terrifying, sometimes you can get really emotional after or during heavy play, sometimes you can get whisked away on a fluffy subspace cloud.  It is the eroticism of sensations, situations, and/or emotions that might not normally be pleasant in a non-erotic scenario. BDSM, or kink, has been around for millenia - so don't stress it. You're normal. 

Here are some good links to get into it further:  <-- this one! yes.

11. Will it be painful?

Not necessarily. While impact play (eg. spanking, flogging, caning) and other pain-inducing practices are a common tool and/or form of play, if you are more interested in serving a powerful woman as a whole-heartedly devoted slave or worshiping a Goddess's feet merely state what you desire to do in your email when you contact us. That said, if you're naughty you may get a little spank on the bottom or pull of the hair for your transgressions ;)