Lady Eve's Wishlist

Height: 178cm/5'10"

Weight: 75kg/165lb

Head: 58cm/23in

Torso length: 74cm/29in

Bra:  34C- 36B US

Waist: 79cm/31in

Hips: 100cm/39.5in

Shirt: M/L     8US     10UK

Panty: L US  

Dress: M/L    8US    12UK

Skirt/Pants: M/L    4US    6UK

Shoe: 10-10W US    8UK   41-42EURO

While gifts aren't necessary, they are a fantastic way to put your Domina in a fantastic mood any day! Tasty treats like chocolate, dried seaweed, power balls, cognac, and dry wines are appreciated, but if you really want to make me smile here are some ideas to give you inspiration. If you find these items locally and support local businesses you will get extra sparkly brownie points!! 

Amuse Me

Keep me busy, smiling and inspired even when the session is over...or maybe during...

Pamper Me

Thoughtful gifts to take care of me and brighten my everyday 

Spoil Me

Indulge my fondness for quality goods and unique experiences with these luxurious items 

Shock Me!

Fulfill one of my dreams with a gift beyond all expectations and fill my mind with delighted thoughts of you