Let your imagination and desires out to play with me!

Aftercare:  This is complimentary and always provided so as to keep you safe as a sub/slave. 

Bondage: cuffs and chains, handcuffs, mummification, restraints, light rope bondage. 

Couples: I adore playing with couples! Contact me personally to negotiate how in depth you would like to go with your partner. I am available for counselling sessions or in-person tutoring where we get into the thick of it all with my knowing hand to guide and demonstrate. 

Cock and Ball Torture: CBT is one of my specialties and therefore requires it's own listing. From tension/pulling to deep or sharp impact I will make your CBT fantasies come true as you worship under my pointy heel. May include trampling, stomping, ball busting, chastity, needles, and much more!

Cuckolding: Best to contact me directly to discuss further. 

Fetish: Foot fetish, nylons/stocking fetish, shoe fetish, trampling, lingerie, hair fetish, gloves fetish, foot smothering, dirty feet, slave assignments/tasks/positions,  and many other options. 

FinDomme (Financial Domination): Have you ever wanted to be a little pay piggy to feed the needs of your beautiful Goddess? Here is your chance. Whether in person, or via Skype, let this powerful woman drain your wallet and control your expenses until she's satisfied. *This will require you to give Lady Eve access to personal information such as your bank account or copies of monthly bank statements so that she can financially dominate you in a responsible manner. 

Goddess Worship: Kneel at my feet, call to me in prayer, light an incense and begin your ritual of adoration. Goddess worship can take many forms so for the best idea of how to worship this celestial being it is best to email to discuss further. 

Humiliation: Sissification, forced fem, sissy training, crossdressing, hair pulling, ear pulling, human furniture, objectification, pie throwing/food play, wet and messy (WAM), forced haircuts, forced fitness, small penis humiliation (SPH), CEI, cuckold scenarios, spitting, water sports

Impact play: Spanking, flogging, whipping, caning, paddles, or corporal punishment.

Medical Play: Sounds, needles, scalpels, ​BP cuff, mock surgery, body measurements and exams. 

Posture and Etiquette Training: Learn things such as proper tea or dinner service and how to comport yourself through life while serving your Mistress as an ever-faithful servant. Can also include sissification training. 

Role play: Mommy's little boy/girl, teacher-student, doctor-patient, boss-employee, gender role reversal, puppy play, pony play, kitten play, castration fantasies, kidnapper, blackmail fantasy, interrogation scenes, catholic nun/priestess-sinner. 

Scat: Indulge in my brown delicacy or your own brownies in a variety of ways, however do not even begin to entertain the notion of laying anything on my pure skin. This is a mess only fit for your body. *This has an additional fee of $200 for clean up and hazard-protection. Must declare any conditions such as hepatitis, IBS, Crohn's, haemorrhoids, anal fissures, or anything transmissible through bodily waste - this is merely so proper safety and cleaning precautions can be followed.

Sensory Play and Torture: May include but not limited to sensory deprivation, sensory overload, ice play, wax, CBT, ballbusting, beatdown/light wrestling, flogging, enemas, caning, spanking, clothes pins, electroplay, water torture, interrogation, or smothering. 

Tease: tease and denial, tie and tease, chastity/restriction, keyholding, CFNM, O-control, edging, JOI, verbal tease and humiliation, bladder control/omorashi/wetting and desperation, teasing with feet, premature O training, tickling​. 

WAM: Pie throwing/food play, mud, and baby oil. *This has an additional fee of $50-100 depending on scope of messiness. 

Wax and Knife Play: Have hot paraffin wax dripped slowly onto your body and then lovingly peeled off with a freshly sharpened knife. Be teased by the flat edge of my blade and learn to control your reactions. Bonus! Paraffin wax is highly beneficial for those with rheumatoid arthritis, sore joints or muscles, and leaves your skin delightfully smooth. 

Wrestling: Playfully wrestle an athletic Mistres on a padded floor. Additions such as mild bondage and smothering may be used as the sweat builds.

Women and Transgender: Gender identity or sexual orientation have absolutely zero impact on who I choose to play with. Your mind is of much more interest and value to me. 

Something else you're looking for? Send me an email and we can discuss your request -

Hard Limits: NO race play, NO sex, NO illegal activity, NO forced intoxication, NO permanent injury/castration.