House of Hidden Dreams

We already have you right where we want you...



Three stunning Dominatrixes await your servitude in the House of Hidden Dreams. Which will you beg from? Many options lay in front of your kneeling form. Don't make us wait...we hate waiting, especially when we already know what you want. Step inside of our dungeon, strip yourself of life's preoccupations and let your Mistress give you what most secretly desire.

Your Mistress is expecting you...

Lady Indigo
Lady Eve
Lady Ravyn

Goodbye Darling



Sane. Safe. Consensual. 

That is the edict of good BDSM and is the bones of our art. There are other adjectives that could describe our House: intoxicating, delightful, magnetic, powerful, challenging, rewarding, the list goes on. 

All forms of play are won through tributes and good behaviour and nothing is done without prior negotiation and informed consent on both sides. We do not offer sex - do not embarrass yourself by asking for it. Each domme in the House of Hidden Dreams has her own list of likes, dislikes, expected offerings, wishlists, and hard boundaries. Click on each Lady's page to discover more about her and how you can win her favour. 

                     Don't worry about failures.
           Worry about the chances you miss if you don't even try.


May I honour you Goddess?

Request one of our Pro Dommes to notice you. 

Only those addressing the House with respect will be contacted in return. Rude or disgusting  behaviour will result in a permanent ban and you being blacklisted in our community. 

Success! Message sent. If you do not see a reply with in 1-2 days don't forget to check your spam folder.